Massage is a BIG EVENT for your muscles!

Imagine being stuck in an elevator, packed in with 50 other people squashed up against you from all angles, battling for limited air and unable to move freely in any direction. Then someone opens the doors. The pressure is off and at last there is freedom to move and you can breathe again! What an […]

New Face Mask Policy (18/9/2023)

Jef wearing a mask, holding cleaning spray for Mask Policy Update

In line with recent changes to NSW Health’s face mask requirements in hospitals (Aug 2023), we will be changing our face mask policy effective immediately. Out of respect to those people who have treatment at our clinic who suffer from chronic health conditions, or are at higher risk if infected, who are concerned by this […]

Why You Should Include Massage In Your Fitness Program – Exercise Recovery

Female Runner Training for Triathlon on Dee Why Beach

If you embark on any fitness program it makes sense to consider the extrinsic factors that will optimise that program. Factors such as diet, frequency, intensity, type of training, etc are the ones most commonly considered. But what do you do in consideration of your musculoskeltal health and injury prevention? In this article I want […]

Why everyone needs a maintenance massage.

man sitting at desk with laptop and bad neck posture.

I get this question a lot in my daily practice:- Why am i getting this pain? I’ve never felt it before. I think it needs to be understood that pain is not the beginning of a problem – it is often the end result of a process. A process that may have been happening for […]