Our Massage Treatments

Judy from Neutral Bay enjoying back massage from male masseur

People come to Cammeray Massage for many and varying reasons, ranging from general stress relief and wellbeing bodywork, to problem solving and treatment for injuries or problems they haven’t had luck with elsewhere.

Generally, we can provide help for most situations. However, if the problem is beyond our scope we will not hesitate to refer you to someone we think is more qualified in a particular area.

At the end of the day most people just want a good massage. We always try to accommodate this wish.

What does massage actually do?

How often should I get a massage?

We get this question A LOT. I feel you need to consider a few different factors; Most importantly, how long the effects of your treatment last and then how much it affects your daily functioning if/when the problem (ie, pain/tightness/restricted movement/stress/headache/ etc.) returns. You cannot understate the value of being able to function day to day without the distraction of such problems. Also, you need to factor in how physically active you are. If you are physically active more than 3 days a week (training, physical job) and/or leading a highly busy and stressful lifestyle, I would recommend getting fortnightly treatments to keep on top of issues before they become injuries. Or in the case of stress, before you have a meltdown! Naturally you have to also consider how much you can afford. Ensure you are getting the most value out of your health fund and if things are tight maybe getting a monthly 30 minute treatment will be enough to keep your issue under the threshold. Please also think about the availability in both your and our schedules. If you are only available at certain days/times when your favourite therapist is on duty, it absolute pays off to book ahead for a month or two to secure your spot. A side benefit of booking ahead is you don’t get that disappointment of missing out when you call at the last minute!
Cammeray Massage and Acupuncture signboard on Miller St footpath by Maggios advertising remedial and sports massage therapists, TCM massage therapists, HICAPS health fund approved, open 7 days by appointment.

Remedial Massage

Swedish or Relaxation Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

Sports Massage

Woman running on sand in Northern Beaches by the waves, plans to benefit from sports massage after exercise

Trigger Point Therapy

Myofascial Work

Remedial Massage using Essential Oils*

essential oils in small vials with lavender & gemstones on linen placement, in preparation for aromatherapy massage for Neutral Bay client.

Facial Dry Needling with Mika

Massage for Pregnancy

Postural Assessment and Correction Work

Dry Needling