Our Gift Vouchers

Massage Prices

One Hour $110
Half Hour $75
One and Half Hour $170

Dollar Credits also available

valid for the choice of any of the available massage services. 
Prices from 03/07/2023

How To Order Your Massage Gift Voucher

When You Order Your Massage Voucher Online:

Gift Voucher Frequently Asked Questions

*As of 1st April 2018 the NSW Fair Trading Act 1987 states that gift voucher sold at non-promotional prices are to be honoured for 3 years from sale date.

Our policy is in accordance with this new law.

Vouchers are transferable should the gift not be wanted.

Most health fund terms and conditions state they will not allow a treatment paid for by a 3rd party to be claimed. For this reason we cannot issue an invoice for your massage treatment if you are using a gift voucher. However, you could use credit from a voucher to pay for the gap after the claim.

No, you cannot get a refund. However, the massage voucher can be transferred to another person who does want it.

Essentially, that is why there is an expiry date; a line has to be drawn somewhere. The dollar value of vouchers purchased after 1st April 2018 is valid for 3 years from sale date which is plenty of time to take action.

We can arrange a time for us to call you so you can do a credit card transaction over the phone.