Massage is a BIG EVENT for your muscles!

Imagine being stuck in an elevator, packed in with 50 other people squashed up against you from all angles, battling for limited air and unable to move freely in any direction. Then someone opens the doors. The pressure is off and at last there is freedom to move and you can breathe again! What an amazing feeling of release! Ok, it’s not the most physiologically accurate analogy I know, but the effect of Remedial Massage tissue manipulation on individual muscle cells within a muscle that has been overworked, neglected, tight, and struggling for circulation, would have similarities to that scenario.

A Brief Anatomy Lesson

Muscle cells lay side by side within connective tissue bound bundles that collectively with other bundles make up what we know of as a ‘muscle’. There are nerves attached to the bundles, and blood vessels to supply O2 and nutrients as well as remove waste from metabolic reactions. See below diagram to get an idea of how this is laid out.

Remedial Massage applied with skill can alter these areas to some extent. 

That is, not so much “change” the tissues themselves structurally, but it can apply separational and shearing forces to them in a way that can enhance micro-circulation between them, and change their relationship with each other. This is mostly through changes to the connective tissue coverings of those muscle bundles (myofascia).

Collectively, in a deep three dimensional sense, this can be enough to get things moving again and stimulate further micro-circulation and further movement.

With the ‘release’ of previously ‘stuck’ micro areas the positive circulatory effect on those muscle cells, their local sensory nerve connections, and the nervous system in general, not to mention the joy of being able to move more freely and with less pain, can be profound.

Simply; this is why massage not only FEELS GOOD, but it is actually doing good for you!

Sometimes even a bad massage can be good for you as it will to some extent be doing what I outlined above. Thankfully we won’t be being replaced by foam rollers or reluctant “rub my shoulders” spouse massages anytime soon. I hope!

Factors such as directionality of the tissues, a client’s pain or sensitivity levels, medical and injury history, the knowledge of anatomy, motion of joints and movement play a key part in how we apply a Remedial Massage treatment to maximise the benefits.

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Massage Prices

(from 03/07/2023)

Half Hour: $75

One Hour: $110

One and a Half Hour: $170

Acupuncture Fees

Session: From $99 


List of HICAPS funds that will rebate remedial massage therapy

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